The Conversation: COVID and the Homeless

Jul 21, 2020

'Stay at Home' Dilemma; Advanced Healthcare Directives; Mayoral Candidates on Rail; 50 Waypoints  


'Stay at Home' Dilemma

HPR’s Ashley Mizuo has been looking at Covid and the homeless. She shares stories behind the numbers following arrests made by Honolulu police when the 'stay at home' orders first went into effect months ago. How do these rules affect those who do not have homes?



Advanced Healthcare Directives

It's important to plan your healthcare decisions as well as financial and legal matters at the end of life, especially during this time of pandemic.  The University of Hawaii Elder Law Program at the William S. Richardson School of Law teaches students about elder law, and provides legal services to seniors and their caregivers. 


Mayoral Candidates on Rail

Honolulu Civil Beat’s transportation reporter Marcel Honore has a story today about rail. Where do the leading mayoral candidates stand on the issue? Click here to read his story on



50 Waypoints 

A new report entitled "Waypoints" outlines what’s possible as we move to unpause our economy and try to structure a more resilient future.