The Conversation: Covid-19 Pushes Hawaii's Economy Into Uncertainty

Mar 30, 2020

Hawaii's Economic Rundown; Federal Bailout Bill; Civil Liberties in Question; Island Shipping Concerns; Molokai Covid-Free

Hawaii's Economic Rundown

As the state's economy continues to be thrown into disarray, we check in with Hawaii Economist Paul Brewbaker of TZ Economists to get a sense of how the islands will fair in the coming weeks.

Federal Bailout Bill

Lots of questions remain on the roll-out of  the federal bailout bill passed by Congress and signed into law by the president Friday. We spoke to Rep. Ed Case just after its passage. He unpacks what he calls the disaster relief program and also talked about the military’s readiness to deal with the coronavirus. Links to Rep. Case's website can be found here.

 Civil Liberties in Question For today's Reality Check Honolulu Civil Beat’s Nick Grube joins us with a look at an alarming suspension open government laws here in Hawaii. Read the full story here.

Island Shipping Concerns

Earlier this month we heard assurances from the Harbor Users group that shipping is not being disrupted. Today we hear from Hawaii Energy - formerly Chevron - about the situation with our fuel reserves. Albert Chee is the Vice President of Communications for the company. He tells us people shouldn't worry, and that there is ample supply.

 Molokai Covid-Free HPR’s Kuuwehi Hiraishi has been keeping an eye on how things are faring on Molokai. You may recall some on that island protested, urging visitors to stay away even before the state pulled in the welcome mat in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.