The Conversation: COVID-19 - Is Hawaii's Healthcare Industry Ready for Coronavirus?

Feb 11, 2020

Hawaii healthcare industry prepares for COVID-19; Stricter coffee labeling might actually happen; National expert talks toxic masculinity and domestic violence; Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog Band brings folksy music to preschoolers and their parents

Is Hawaii ready for COVID-19?

While there are no confirmed Hawaii cases of the coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, a local resident was put into mandatory quarantine yesterday after arriving from China's Hubei province. In addition, there's 26 people who recently visited China who have self-quarantined either at home or at a hotel. The state Department of Health and the Lieutenant Governor held a press conference about the quarantine. We also spoke with Hilton Raethel, CEO of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, who told us if facilities statewide are ready to deal with an outbreak if the virus were to happen here.

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Stricter coffee labeling bill moves through legislature

A bill that would require coffee labeled with a Hawaiian name contain at least 50 percent Hawaiian grown beans has so far faced no opposition... Click here to read more of the story by Civil Beat's Stewart Yerton.

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence

Jackson Katz, a national expert on domestic violence, was in Honolulu in January to talk to Hawaii judges and community groups. He spoke with The Conversation about the need for men to step up to help end the cycle of violence. 

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 Local band brings folksy music to preschoolers and their parents

Hawaii may not have the Wiggles, but there's Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog Band. Wayne Watkins is the lead singer. The band formed 10 years ago when he was director of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Children's Center, the on-campus preschool. He met his fellow bandmates Dr. Jason Pfahl and Mr. Girish Varma through the school - one sent his kids there, the other is married to a teacher. The band plays across the state at libraries, preschools, and sometimes pau hana. Click here for a link to the band's Facebook page and to find more information on the band's upcoming events. Click here to purchase tickets to HPR Saturday Keiki Tunes on March 14 at HPR's Atherton Studio.