The Conversation: Bail Reform

Sep 17, 2018

Credit athrasher / Flickr

The State of Hawaii moved a step closer to replacing the Oahu Community Correctional Center; an aging and overcrowded jailhouse located in Kalihi.

But there’s an issue simmering that some say is tied to building a bigger facility. It calls for our bail system to be overhauled. Fewer pre-trail detainees could mean less of a demand for jail cells going forward. Should our bail system be changed? Does it favor the rich and discriminate against the poor?

Some states are moving toward cashless bail. How do you create a system that is fairer, without compromising public safety?

The ACLU Hawaii will also be hosting #EndMoneyBail for a better Hawaii and a Better Nation, a  panel discussion on Thursday, September 27th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Arts at Marks Garage. 


Judge Rom Trader, Hawaii Circuit Court

Josh Wisch, Executive Director ACLU of Hawai‘i

          Mitch Roth, Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney

Intro Music: Sestri Levante by Tame Impala