The Conversation: Analyzing Results from Local, National Elections

Nov 4, 2020

2020 Election Recap; Local Election Recap; Reality Check: Upset in OHA Race; Big Island Mayoral Race; Persimmon Farming through a Pandemic

2020 Election Recap

Joining us this morning to analyze the General Election for segment, the Long View, is political analyst Neal Milner.

Local Election Recap

This morning Jerry Burris joins us to talk about the Hawaii races. Burris is the former political reporter and opinion page editor at the Honolulu Advertiser.

Reality Check: Upset in OHA Race

Continuing our look at the election results Reality Check Honolulu Civil Beat’s reporter Anita Hofschneider on the line today.

Big Island Mayoral Race

Now we head to the Big Island, where former county prosecutor Mitch Roth defeated political newcomer Ikaika Marzo to become the next mayor of Hawaiʻi County. HPRʻs Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi joins us with more.

Manu Minute

We now go to Patrick Hart who tells us more about a Hawaiian honeycreeper in our new weekly segment, Manu Minute.

Persimmon Farming through a Pandemic

Halloween is pau... so pumpkins may not be high on your list anymore. But today we are talking about another orange fruit popular  this time of year - persimmons!

Local fans of the fruit know about the persimmons grown in Kula. The fourth generation family farm restructured recently and the three brothers, John Noel and Clark have each carved out a piece of the business. We talked to Clark Hashimoto who is harvesting trees his grandfather planted that are close to 100 years old.