Classical Pacific, Tuesday, July 2, 2019

  The music department at HPR is growing. As a result, we have been training some substitutes. The first, Sharene Taba, has been hosting once a week for a few months, and Maika‘i Nash is on his way to becoming another sub. He' been learning how to operate the Board in the music studio and doing announcements a couple of times a week. Today, Maika‘i will have his first opportunity to curate a program for Classical Pacific. Join us!

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1. Go to Click on Programs, then HPR-2 Schedule, then find today's Classical Pacific link at 3pm. Information on each album will be displayed as the music plays, often with the cover of the album showing, too.  Or - 

2. Go to the HPR App on your smart phone (you can download it for free, if you don't already have it). Choose HPR2. As the program plays, you'll see the information on each album, just as you do on the website.