Bridging The Gap~March 3rd, 2020: Soundtracking Productivity

Mar 3, 2020

Album art for Caribou's single "Home" which is the track that opens up tonight's show.

This past Saturday, the last day of Hawaiian Language Month, I was asked to DJ an event put on by Mana Studios + Purple Maiʻa called "ʻŌlelo Jam." Mana Studios created a program called "ʻŌlelo Flix" where the public can translate the subtitles of Netflix movies into Hawaiian via a Chrome extension. They also taught keiki how to code in Hawaiian as part of their "Code Haumana" program.

I was asked to play background music during the "Jam" portion of the event while the participants worked on translating the subtitles. So this playlist was curated to be the soundtrack to their productivity. Itʻs mellow but not too ambient, with some funk and life to it to keep you engaged.

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