Bridging The Gap~March 10th, 2020: My Little Corner Of The World

Mar 10, 2020

Tonight's episode is co-curated by Mister Modular of KTUH FM Honolulu. His real name is Leon Naldo, and we're also fortunate to have him on staff here at HPR as a board operator. Leon has a degree in Information & Computer Science and he's been an on-air DJ at KTUH for 7 years. His show "My Little Corner of the World" airs every Friday from 9 AM to noon.

Leon comes from a geneaology of music. His father, Vicente Naldo, was a musician and recording artist in the Phillipines before moving to Hawaiʻi and becoming a member of the Society of Seven in the 80s. Leon's music taste is eclectic and tends to lean toward Japanese artists. 

His selections are ambient with pops of soul. Leon likens tonight's playlist to "driving through the rain".

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