Bridging the Gap~June 18th, 2019: Tribute to Territorial Airwaves

Jun 18, 2019

1939. Harry B. Soria, Sr. broadcasts from the lauhala-lined main studio of KGU Radio. 40 years later in 1979, his son, Harry B. Soria Jr., would begin hosting Territorial Airwaves.
Credit Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves

This year the Territorial Airwaves program turns 40 years old. Hosted by Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves is the longest continuously running Hawaiian music radio show in Hawaiʻi, and the longest running Hawaiian radio show in the world. DJ Mermaid pays tribute to Harry B. and Territorial Airwaves tonight by digging through her personal archives of mele Hawaiʻi and pairing them with stories learned from listening to Territorial Airwaves.

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