Artists of Hawai‘i: What Do They Say About Us?

Jul 29, 2015

Sky Burial, 2014 (detail) by Emily McIlroy. Charcoal, pastel, and oil on paper
Credit Noe Tanigawa


Takuan, 2015, (detail) by Maile Yawata. Mixed media.
Credit Noe Tanigawa


Vortex, 2015, by Jesse Houlding. Acrylic cylinder, water pumps, ultraviolet light filter, rubber tubing, light.
Credit Noe Tanigawa


A project (detail) by the .5ppi collective. Paper, ink.
Credit Noe Tanigawa


Ugh (Growth), 2015, Lauren Trangmar. Moss on wall.
Credit Noe Tanigawa

   A little over a year ago, 249 artists from all over Hawai‘i submitted portfolios  hoping to be included in the Honolulu Museum’s Artists of Hawai‘I exhibition.  Eight artists were chosen, and HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports on the show, now on view.  

Artists of Hawai‘i continues at the Honolulu Museum of Art through October 25th.  Artists featured in the exhibition will gather for an informal discussion in the Doris Duke Theatre  August 11, 6pm.  

This is the second iteration of the new format for Artists of Hawai‘i.  All artists living and working in the state are invited to submit work for this show.  The 2015 edition was juried by Honolulu Museum Director Stephan Jost, Deputy Director Allison Wong, and Curator of Contemporary Art, Jay Jensen.  They studied the 249 submissions and chose eight participants in this year's show, including the first collective, .5ppi.  

Jensen worked with the invited artists over the ensuing  year, paying studio visits and finally choosing the pieces for the exhibition.  Most, if not all works are available for sale.  Featured artists are Maile Yawata, Lauren Trangmar, Jesse Houlding, Emily McIlroy, Akira Iha, Elisa Chang, Alison Beste, and 5ppi:  Duncan Dempster, Noah Matteucci, Joseph Nam, and David Randall.

The 62nd Annual Artists of Hawai‘i is scheduled for 2017, with the prospectus due out sometime early in 2016.  Healoha Johnston, HMA's new Assistant Curator for Arts of Hawai‘i, will head the jury for that show.