Alexa, Meet Hawaiʻi Public Radio

Sep 29, 2017

You can now listen to your favorite public radio station using the hands-free, wireless speakers from Amazon, called Echo or Echo Dot. These speakers are connected to the Alexa Voice Service and, on your voice command, can fill a room with quality sound.

An Echo Dot at home.

To enjoy HPR in your smart home, first connect the device to the internet using the Alexa app (wifi required). Next, you’ll want to enable this skill by telling her/it:

Alexa, enable Hawaiʻi Public Radio.”

Anytime you want to listen to HPR, you’ll need to use these specific phrases:

For HPR-1, say:

Alexa, ask Hawaiʻi Public Radio to play HPR-1” or

Alexa, ask Hawaiʻi Public Radio to play news.”

For HPR-2, say

Alexa, ask Hawaiʻi Public Radio to play HPR-2” or

Alexa, ask Hawaiʻi Public Radio to play classical music.”

More about the HPR skill.

UPDATE 3/27/18: You can now simply tell Alexa to play your favorite station frequency*. For example:

"Alexa, play KHPR." or " KAHU."

* Another way to find your frequency: use our new feature on the HPR mobile app. Look for the "Station Finder" under the Menu.

Find out more about other ways Alexa can make your life easier and more fun (ask her to tell you a joke) by going to the Amazon Echo official site. There you’ll also find answers to questions, more skills and capabilities (including answering the phone or keeping your shopping list), and customer reviews of the Echo devices.

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