Abandoned Monk Seal Pup Transported to Kona Hospital

Sep 9, 2015

Credit Michelle Barbieri

An abandoned monk seal pup is now being cared for in Kona.

The emaciated pup was found on Monday during a survey being conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Ni‘ihau.  Rescue workers who discovered the seal waited to see if the seals mother would return.  When it was clear she was gone, they arranged for the seals transport.  The Robinson family and the US Coast guard transported the pup to the Ke Kai Ola monk seal rehabilitation facility in Kona.

The pup is being treated for dehydration before it can begin a regular feeding and recovery process.  David Schofield is the Regional Marine Mammal Response Coordinator for NOAA.  He says it’s rare for monk seal mothers to abandon their babies, and is amazed that the baby seal is still alive.

Doctors at the Ke Kai Ola rehabilitation facility say if the seal makes a full recovery, it could be released in a few months.