104 Killed In Iraq In Six Days Of Unrest

Oct 6, 2019

An Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman says an investigation is underway to determine the source of live fire that killed many of the more than 100 people who have died during six days of unrest in the country.

Spokesman Saad Maan claimed Sunday that local security forces did not clash with protesters. He said at a press conference that "malicious hands" were targeting protesters and security forces as well on Friday, the bloodiest day of the unrest in Baghdad.

At the time, protests were broken up as security forces fired live ammunition at the anti-government rallies.

Protesters and journalists at the scene of the protests say they witnessed security forces firing on demonstrators and some protesters say snipers were taking part in breaking up the protests. Maad said most of those killed Friday were hit in the head and heart.

Protests have raged in Baghdad and southern cities since Tuesday. Maan said 104 people, including 8 security members, have been killed in the six days of unrest.