Catherine Cruz

Catherine Cruz is the Host of The Conversation and a member of HPR’s news team. She has been a television reporter in Hawai‘i since 1983 and has won a number of awards and respect from a statewide audience. She spent more than thirty years at KITV, covering beats from government to education and health. Originally from Guam, Cruz is also a co-founder and former Board member and programming chair of Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC). Catherine is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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Kunia Solar Farm; Monster Homes Bill; Molokai Renewable Energy; Remembering Linda Kaiser



The drama of Operation Varsity Blue continues to play out across the country. Key conspirators have pled guilty including a former Yale soccer coach just today.

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Tax Director; City Council Meeting On Sprinklers; Ocean Carbon Sequestration; Manoa Valley Theater's Allegiance

Department of Transportation

Asphalt Used to Pave Roads; Using Prime Ag Lands for Solar; Kauai Land Auction; Pinay Empowerment Conference


West Hawaii Road Usage; Maui Prisons/Riot; Argosy Update, Chaminade/HPU; Garden Segment: Mapping/Malama Maunalua

Mike Victorino for Mayor Campaign

Maui is one of the fastest growing communities in Hawaii, but it faces numerous challenges including water rights, high cost of living, and a high rate of homes being used as short term rentals. Tackling those challenges will be the job of newly elected county mayor Mike Victorino. 



Today officially marks the first day of spring equinox and we dig in on our Hawaii Garden segment to look at the future of orchids. Should we be worried about the decline of the industry?



Southwest Impacts on Hawaii County; Regulating Vaping; Downtown Art Center; Orchid Industry In Decline

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Managing Molokini; Medical Residencies; Regulating TVUs; Hawaiian Civic Clubs

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  In our Hawaii Garden and Forest segment, we take you out on the grounds of the Bishop Museum at Kapalama. The Hawaii Tourism Authority is helping to fund programs that are helping to keep the Hawaii Biological Survey up to date.

Its an inventory of plants found across the state and as part of the outreach museum staff are restarting tours of the native gardens on the Kapalama campus that were planted almost a decade ago.

We went along on last month’s inaugural tour led by research specialist who's been at the museum for 35 years.


Hawaii State Capitol 50th Anniversary; Kaneshiro Impeachment Status; Argosy University Closure Debrief; Garden Tours at the Bishop Museum

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When Argosy University abruptly closed its nationwide network of campuses last week, 800 Hawaii students suddenly found themselves adrift. Argosy was home to one of the state’s two programs for producing doctoral level-clinical psychologists. Dozens of students were faced with the prospect of having to completely restart their training, which can take as long as six years.

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A face to face meeting with Federal Transit Authority over the revised financial recovery plan for Honolulu’s rail project is expected to happen in April.


Women’s History Month, National Guard View; The Interaction Between Cities and Water; Taste for Invasives; Epigenetics Research

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Civil Engineering Report: HPR Reporter Debrief; Argosy Shutdown; Over Tourism on Maui: Councilmember Tamara Paltin; All Bodies Speak, Dancing With Disabilities

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Overtourism; Micronesian Kingfisher; East African Court of Justice; Honolulu Biennial  

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The Honolulu City Council is poised to take a vote on whether to approve footing the legal bill for the impeachment petition for City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro.

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Deputy Public Defender; Medical Marijuana; Point In Time Count Results; Hurricanes And The Shipping Industry

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Roadways on Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii Island have been shuttered by landslides in recent days. Even more are threatened by erosion that is expected to worsen in the coming years. The State Department of Transportation rushed an emergency request to state lawmakers for $15 million in funds to repair the Pali Highway that connects Honolulu to Windward Oahu.

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Red Hill Fuel Storage; Overtourism; Saving for Retirement; Funding DOE

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Maryknoll School

  If you grew up in Hawaii you are probably aware of privately taught Japanese language classes offered throughout the state, after school and on weekends.

But Maryknoll School here on Oahu took the bold step of beginning a  Chinese language immersion program.

This Chinese new year it announced it was expanding it from Kindergarten up through 6th grade. We listened in on a kindergarten class where Mandarin lessons were the focus and English was checked at the door.

Maryknoll School

DBEDT Retreat Report; Kuleana Land Issues; Civil Asset Forfeiture; Chinese Language Immersion: Maryknoll School

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  It’s coming up on two weeks since a storm downed trees in Waikiki including one at the Honolulu Zoo which allowed two rare birds to fly the coop. Zoo staff were able to lure one of two African Ground Hornbill birds back to safety-- Honolulu Zoo Director Linda Santos joins us live with an update.

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SCOTUS Agrees To Hear Maui Clean Water Act Case; Big Island Recycling/Hilo Landfill; Pedestrian Safety Campaign Rollout; Honolulu Zoo Update