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The U.S. House of Representatives voted to renew the charter of the Import-Export Bank, largely along party lines, but approval from the Senate is unlikely.

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This week on Helping Hand, join HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence for a conversation about some of the most vulnerable Hawaii Island residents – the animals – with return guests Hawaii Island Humane Society. Administrative Liaison Patrick Thompson speaks about their mission to prevent cruelty to animals, eliminate pet overpopulation, and enhance the bond between humans and animals.

Tower of Power is back in the Aloha State, with dates through Sunday at the Blue Note, and back on All Things Considered with HPR's Dave Lawrence. The band have a long history here, and the late concert promoter and radio personality Tom Moffatt often called them "one of Hawaii's favorite bands".

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Police have made more arrests during protests against a wind farm on Oahu’s North Shore.

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Restaurant Week starts today, so if you’re on O‘ahu, you can dine out for a cause until November 24th.  Over 75 diverse restaurants around Honolulu have prepared special menus or are running deals, and donating proceeds to the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Travel and food videos have raised expectations for the next generation of chefs.

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Hawaii restaurant owners confront challenges from meeting customers’ expectations for new items to finding good help. And that’s true whether they have a single location — or many more.

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Some of the top military leadership of the United States is in Asia today. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been in South Korea this week, and today he’s joined by the Defense Secretary — who’s starting a regional tour.

Today Engelbert Humperdinck returned to HPR’s All Things Considered for a conversation with Honolulu Host Dave Lawrence ahead of his Saturday Blaisdell gig, even offering an impromptu poetry reading!

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Plastic pollution is a growing problem both in the waters of our islands and around the world. This week, the United Nations has focused in on one area that is among the worst polluters: Southeast Asia.

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November is traditionally the month when many people start their holiday shopping. In the United States, retailers of all sizes are trying to push consumers to spend money — but the biggest online sales day of the year comes from Asia.

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The Honolulu City Council and Mayor Kirk Caldwell have approved a $214 million spending bill for the city rail project, officials said.

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After a national search lasting nearly a year, the Honolulu Museum of Art has selected a new director. Hālona Norton-Westbrook is currently director of curatorial affairs at Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio. Norton-Westbrook recently talked about the Honolulu museum’s size, quality collection, and connection to the community as key assets. 

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The first local survey focused on sexual harassment in the workplace found that lifelong Hawaii residents were half as likely to report harassment compared to those who moved to the state in the last 10 years.

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Traditional economic data measures features like output and productivity, but typically ignores subjective qualities that make up the human experience. A study by University of Hawaii economists could help to change that by asking whether factors like poverty influence well-being.

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The Honolulu City Council passed a measure Tuesday to sue large oil companies, backing plans by Mayor Kirk Caldwell to seek compensation for the damaging effects of climate change.


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Black and white photographs are offering a glimpse into Honolulu’s colorful past, at UH Mānoa’s John Young Museum. The A‘ala Park area on the west end of Honolulu was once bustling around its train station, but by the 1960’s decay had set in, and redevelopment was on the way. That’s when photographer Francis Haar decided to document the changes.

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On Stargazer, HPR’s Dave Lawrence speaks with Christopher Phillips about a mystery galaxy observed belching gas!

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Until the death of one man in Nebraska this year, the last fatal dam failure in the U.S. occurred on the island of Kauai in 2006.

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Tiny bits of plastics are threatening fish nurseries in Hawaii, and likely around the globe. That's according to the latest study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center.

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Native Hawaiians experience fewer years of good health compared with other ethnic groups in the state, a public health study found.

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Honolulu could remake a deteriorating war memorial swimming facility into an open-circulation saltwater pool, a city report said.

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During an hour-long hearing on the Maui Clean Water Act case, the U.S. Supreme Court justices seemed to be seeking a legal path to keep polluters from skirting the law without ensnaring ordinary homeowners. 

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A Honolulu City Councilmember hopes Mayor Kirk Caldwell will seriously consider alternative locations for a controversial children’s playground, with Kaka’ako Waterfront Park that was recently transferred to the city being one option.

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HILO, Hawaii — The newest homeless shelter on the Big Island has reached near capacity weeks after opening, Hawaii housing officials said.

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Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz accused companies related to Kauai's recent islandwide Internet, cable and phone outage of failing to give residents timely information on the communications disruption and when service might be restored.

Ahead of their area shows next weekend, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence spoke with Tower of Power band leader Emilio Castillo about what they've been up to since last being on ATC, and in Honolulu, a year ago. The late local concert promoter Tom Moffatt used to call them "one of Hawaii's favorite bands".

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WASHINGTON  — President Donald Trump said Friday his administration will pursue raising the age to purchase electronic cigarettes from 18 to 21 in its upcoming plans to combat youth vaping.

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The King Street space that long housed Café Sistina has a new restaurant tenant.

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Plaintiffs and defendants reached a settlement over a deadly Honolulu high-rise fire, although the amounts to be paid by insurance companies remains confidential, attorneys said.

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The U.S. Coast Guard says a cargo ship has spilled oil into Honolulu Harbor.