Building on a history that dates back to the monarchy, today, opera is finding a new footing in Honolulu.  Hawai‘i Opera Theatre’s longtime Artistic Director retired last year and HOT’s General Director left suddenly in April.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports, change is in the air.

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This week on Helping Hand, we’re learning about the 2018 Footsteps to Transition Fair, Saturday October 20 at Radford High School from 8:30 a.m. to noon. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with Program Specialist Amanda Kaahanui, from SPIN, the Special Parent Information Network.

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Often referred to as paradise, Hawaii’s gorgeous weather, beauty, and relaxed lifestyle comes at a price. The median value of a single-family home on Oahu is now above $800,000. Is that upward trend just the inevitable “price of paradise” or can something be done to change it?

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Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines are teaming up in a joint venture to keep up with some very big competition.

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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees suspended personal allowances for members last year. But the Board is contemplating taking action to resolve this matter.

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Today Britain's Prince William spoke at a gathering of nonprofits, NGOs, and government officials from around the world who assembled at the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London, where they heard about efforts to save animals largely at risk due to consumers thousands of miles away in Asia.

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  Journalist Gary Kubota has covered news in the islands for  40 decades.

Now he has come out with a book called “Stories Of Change,” thanks to Kokua Hawaii Oral History Project and a grant from the Hawaii Council of Humanities and the Hawaii People’s Fund. Kubota credits the idea for the book to Lawrence Kamakawiwoole.

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One of the world's most grueling athletic events is in Kona this weekend. It also brings a boost to tourism. That's something the Big Island can use, after visitors have slumped following May's lava flow.

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The 4th annual Future Focus Conference on technologies and innovation is underway in Honolulu. The highlight was educating tomorrow’s workforce.

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Edith Piaf was just four feet and ten inches tall, but the tiny French singer and actress left a huge mark in her home country and abroad. She died on this day more than 50 years ago. Her song “La Vie En Rose” is a french classic and this summer a paris Hula Halau paid tribute to Piaf by sharing a hula at her gravesite in the historic cemetary Pere La Chaise. Come along to the city of lights.

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Community medicine gardens may be just what the doctor ordered. Growing interest in traditional Hawaiian medicine in Waimānalo has blossomed into a community garden. HPR Reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi takes us on a tour.


This week workers at Marriott hotels are on strike. Here in Hawaii that includes the Sheraton Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, and the Sheraton Maui. Among demands regarding compensation, the strikers are seeking guarantees about job security as the hospitality industry begins to embrace automation. 

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A heated debate is taking place around the state over whether or not we should amend the state constitution. One proposal would give the state legislature the power to tax investment property to fund public education. That measure will be decided directly by voters through a ballot referendum.

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The University of Hawai’i at Manoa is re-launching its Oral History Center.

Anna Badkhen
Anna Badkhen

Writer, Anna Badkhen, covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, traveling and writing widely before choosing to focus simply on the lives of rug makers through the seasons in a village in northern Afghanistan .  Her books document travel and eating in remote areas, the migration of endangered nomads in Mali, and most recently, fishermen losing their ancient livelihoods in Senegal.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports, Badkhen will be speaking at UH Mānoa this Friday (10/12/2018) on “The Contemporary Writer and Social Responsibility.”

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 Did you know Kona farmers made it into the Guinness Book of World Record for largest  Mango, Avocado, and Jackfruit?

That’s the “rock star” status of some of some of our crops--tropical fruit expert, Ken Love, talked to us following a conference and series of meetings across the state with local fruit growers.


  The recent close calls with hurricanes and tropical storms have renewed the focus on vulnerabilities of our emergency response system.

The spotlight will be on ham operators and new training that is available this month. We sat down with Clem Jung who is trying to spread the word about an exercise for amateur operators that takes place this Saturday.


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More than 50,000 immigrants in Hawaiʻi are eligible to become American citizens but have not yet applied. That’s according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency. But the current political climate may be compelling more of them to take on the costly and lengthy task of becoming a citizen. And now, HPR’s Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi reports, they’ve got a little help.

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On Stargazer today, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with Christopher Phillips who has more on last week’s major discovery of a dwarf planet on the edge of the solar system.

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2,700 Marriott Hotel workers went on strike this morning in Waikiki and Maui.  Unite Here Local 5 union representatives asked for a three dollar raise and hotel negotiators countered with 30 cents.

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The 2018 Global Tourism Summit last week focused on attracting more affluent travelers who tend to stay longer and spend more.


An animal whose photograph has been featured on the wall in HPR’s pledge central all week, as seen in the photo of that poster above, has had a terrible last seven days in the news.


They are just one shy of a basketball team. Four little monk seal pups are in the early stages of bonding. At the start of the summer, we introduced you to Sole, a little pup that was snatched up by NOAA Marine Fisheries staff who worried that the little guy was too weak to survive. Now, Sole isn't solitary.  The Marine Mammal Recovery Center’s Director Claire Simeone spoke with The Conversation when Sole had just arrived at NOAA's Big Island facility. Now she has this update on Sole and his new pals after their first week together.

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In one month Hawaii voters will decide whether or not to amend the state constitution. The specific amendment under consideration would create a property tax surcharge to fund public education. It would be a significant change in how residents are taxed in this state. Currently only county governments can levy property taxes.

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The Honolulu City Council voted to pass two controversial bills that would give the City additional authority to remove persons and property from public spaces like sidewalks and parks. The measures are seen by many as targeting Oahu’s urban homeless population, though, it may also help curb the vendors operating on waikiki’s sidewalks.

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2018 is already one of the deadliest years for Hawaii’s pedestrians in the last decade. There have been more than 30 fatalities statewide this year, compared to 15 last year and 32 in 2016. Last weekend alone there were 3 pedestrian fatalities – two on Oahu and one on Kauai. A fourth person was hospitalized in serious condition after a separate incident in Honolulu.

Legendary alternative rock act New Order are back in the Aloha State, with a show tonight at the MACC and Friday at the Blaisdell Arena. Ahead of the dates, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence spoke with long time member, singer/multi-instrumentalist Gillian Gilbert.

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UPDATE: Bills 51 and 52 passed the Honolulu City Council on a 6-3 vote. The additional requirements added by the City Council were not removed from the bills.

  The Honolulu City Council is meeting to for a final on vote on two bills submitted by Mayor Kirk Caldwell that could have a significant impact on Honolulu’s homeless policy. Bill 51 would make it illegal to obstruct a public sidewalk. Bill 52 would make it illegal to establish lodging in public spaces like parks.

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It may feel like the era where robots can truly replace humans is far off, but it may be closer than you think. At the Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu this week attendees got to listen to a conversation between a human and a highly advanced artificially intelligent robot.