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State Department of Land and Natural Resources

Officials Asking Oʻahu Residents to Report Naio Trees

State officials are asking Oʻahu residents to be on the look-out for a new invasive species.

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Andrew McCabe, Ex-FBI Deputy, Describes 'Remarkable' Number Of Trump-Russia Contacts

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe condemned what he called the "relentless attack" that President Trump has waged against the FBI even as it continues scrutinizing whether Americans in Trump's campaign may have conspired with the Russians who attacked the 2016 election . "I don't know that we have ever seen in all of history an example of the number, the volume and the significance of the contacts between people in and around the president, his campaign, with our most serious, our...

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Bronisław Piłsudski / National Museum of Natural History, National Anthropological Archives

Asia Minute: Japan’s Indigenous People


State Department of Land and Natural Resources

State officials are asking Oʻahu residents to be on the look-out for a new invasive species.

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This week on Helping Hand, the topic is the NAMI Hawaii State Conference March 8th from 8 a.m. to noon at Dole Cannery in the Pomaikai Ballrooms. NAMI Hawaii is the National Alliance on Mental Illness Hawaii.


The U.S. Department of Justice has subpoenaed more than 30,000 documents from the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The Hawaii Supreme Court today ordered Honolulu City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro to respond to a petition filed by the state attorney general seeking to suspend the prosecutor while a federal corruption probe moves forward.

Mayor Caldwell's Office

The City and County of Honolulu has reached an agreement in completing a street improvement project that was ordered under a 1997 federal consent decree.


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National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

You have to act fast if you think you're having a stroke. It's important to know the signs and symptoms, and what to do. Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kozak will discuss the latest in diagnosis and management of strokes right here in the islands. 6:30 PM on HPR-1.


Keith Kaneshiro Update; Remembering Ted Tsukiyama; Budget Complications; Opioid Addiction/Wisdom Teeth; Equal Pay For Equal Work; Garden Segment: Foster Botanical Garden

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The bombshell drug dealing indictments in the Katherine Kealoha case, and the petition by the state attorney general to suspend Keith Kaneshiro as City Prosecutor because of a conflict of interest are the latest developments in a public corruption case by federal prosecutors.

We invited Loretta Sheehan, the Chair of the Honolulu Police Commission to sit down with us this morning. She served as a deputy prosecutor under Charles Marsland and Keith Kaneshiro. She also served as an assistant US district attorney and now serves in private practice.


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B-Sides and Beyond

18 hours ago

Sundays at 10 PM on HPR-1. We're really not sure what Jon is doing in the basement on Sunday nights. He has assured us not to worry.

(We're worried)

Brazilian Experience

20 hours ago

Sundays at 6pm to 8pm on HPR-1. Hosting “The Brazilian Experience” has become a bright and joyous spot in Sandy’s incredibly full schedule. It is a vehicle through which she is able to tap into her ethnomusicology background, while sharing her own Brazilian experience with the community and beyond. In the two-hour program, she enjoys hosting guests from the local Brazilian community and other musically oriented friends who bring their favorite selections to the program. It is also exciting to receive new releases and to report on current events coming out of Brazil.

photo Dave Tonnes, Panaviz

Sundays at 4pm on HPR-1, Applause in a Small Room celebrates live performers, live performances as well as the magic that happens when performers and audiences meet. Hosted by Jason Taglianetti.

Listen to past shows on the Mixcloud archive HERE

Hawaiian Word of the Day

Hawaiian Word of the Day: February 18th

10 hours ago

Although many people use kaona to mean town, you may also say kūlana kauhale for town or city.

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