Keck's New Instrument

Jan 8, 2018

Installation of NIRES in Keck II. September 27, 2017.
Credit W.M. Keck Observatory

A new instrument atop Mauna Kea will allow astronomers to more quickly observe the farthest reaches of the universe.

The W.M. Keck Observatory has announced the first test of its new near-infrared spectrometer called NIRES.

NIRES was developed by Caltech in collaboration with the observatory, to allow astronomers to observe and capture information on unexpected events involving astronomical objects.

The instrument also gives observers the ability to quickly follow-up on a recent discovery– and collect data from objects using various settings and lights.

Percy Gomez is a Support Astronomer at the Keck Observatory.

Gomez says Keck is the fourth observatory in the world to have an instrument with these capabilities, but the other telescopes are much smaller. This means Keck will be the only telescope in the world to use NIRES to observe the farthest reaches of the universe.