The Conversation: Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Oct 18, 2016

No Room in Paradise; Deafness and the Arts; Police Reform

He'e holua

No Room In Paradise Documentary: Anthony Aalto

Anthony Aalto (Left) gets to know some of Honolulu's homeless population in "No Room in Paradise"
Credit Bruce Asato

Across the islands, in just about every neighborhood, there are people who are homeless. For years now, these no longer invisible people have migrated from place to place to find a spot they can call home. That is, until routed by police or convinced by outreach workers to go to a shelter. Affordable housing figures prominently in the scenarios of current and future homelessness and that’s not news to many of the people whose stories are profiles in a film soon to debut on the small screen. Anthony Aalto is the filmmaker of “No Room in Paradise.”

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HTY’s “Can You Hear My Hands?”: Eric Johnson

Can You Hear My Hands explores the arts in the deaf community.
Credit Honolulu Theatre for Youth

Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s new production is called “Can You Hear My Hands?” and it opens a window into a world where sound and image meet -- the world of the deaf and hearing-impaired.  It’s a production designed to be accessible to all audiences, and Eric’s with us this morning in our studio.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Police Commission

Credit Honolulu Police Commission

Ten months ago, the term of Honolulu Police Commission member Ron Taketa expired. Now Mayor Caldwell wants Hawaii Supreme Court Associate Justice Steven Levinson. With a reality check of political timing, Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair joins us now.

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Political Junkie: Ken Rudin

Maybe you can relate to this: Other political campaigns may have been odd; nothing prepared us for the bizarre campaign charges and countercharges fired off during this presidential race. The last debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump happens tomorrow - we’ll carry it live on both HPR1 and HPR2.  Ken Rudin, the political junkie joined us to explore whether or not there is anything to suggest we might get a little more substance in the last Presidential debate.

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