The Conversation: Tuesday, July 28th 2015

Jul 28, 2015

The Conversation: Tuesday, July 28th 2015

Medicare Discussion: Christopher Flanders

If there's a senior in your family, Medicare coverage may be a topic of conversation. For that you have President Lyndon Johnson to thank - 50 years ago this week he signed  the amendment to create Medicare. Today many seniors can add other supplemental parts to get fuller coverage- Medicare parts C and D come at an additional premium cost- and finding the best deal from!a carrier often generates some confusion....but a basic question for seniors is whether the doctor they want will accept Medicare patients. Dr. Chris Flanders is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Medical Association. He's also a board member of the Quality Improvement Organization for Medicare in Hawaii.

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Joy of Sake: Chris Johnson

Credit halfrain / Flickr

Most of us in the islands have several scoops-- or bowls-- of rice every week. And then, there are those of us who’ve discovered the appeals of sipping rice… Yes, the joy of Sake! Hawaii’s first sake brewery opened 107 years ago at the bottom of Pacific Heights, and Sake’s appeal has spread far beyond the Issei laborers who savored it at the turn of the last century. Case in point? People from all over the world will attending this Friday night’s “The Joy of Sake” competition at the Hawaii Convention Center. There are hundreds of different kinds, and New York based “Sake Ninja”, Chris Johnson joined us this morning.

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SHADE, Chinatown Improvement and Urban Acupuncture: Dean Sakamoto

Walk through Honolulu's Chinatown and the clashes of building styles and ways of life quickly come into view. Chinatown's community came together last month for the Chinatown Action Summit. Since then, an organization that goes by the acronym SHADE - that stands for Sustainable Humanitarian Architecture Design for the Earth- has offered workshops to follow up on City-sponsored Summit. Part of the makeover mix includes an urban planning and design technique- that's part of movement in other cities. SHADE founder and architect Dean Sakamoto is here to school us in Urban Acupuncture.

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Transpac Race: James McDowell

When you compete in the biennial Trans-Pacific Yacht Race, you expect everything Mother Nature can throw at you between California and Hawaii--  Wind, waves, storms-- But when you cross the Diamond Head finish line and can’t even get into the harbor because the channel entrance is closed out by ten to fifteen foot surf? Well, it’s just another typical day at the races. Skipper James McDowell of the Grand Illusion has seen it all-- He and his Santa Cruz 70 crew crossed the Diamond Head Buoy around three yesterday morning, and had to wait offshore until dawn. It was just too dangerous to come through in the dark.

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