The Conversation: Thursday, December 27th 2018

Dec 27, 2018

 A Look Back At Some Of The Conversation's Science Segments


Credit Flickr

We revisit a scientist who suvived a fall into Kilauea’s lava more than 3 decades ago and recalls the experience like it was yesterday.

Artificial intelligence might feel a long way off, but it's closer than you think. Today we’ll hear from a robot with a sense of humor. Sophia turned heads earlier this year at the global tourism summit.

Scientists charged with protecting our endangered species have recently begun training man's best friend to prevent invasive brown tree snakes from establishing themselves in Hawaii. Dogs have also been trained to ferret out rats, slugs and of all things Jackson Camelleons.

We take a dive into why one of Hawaii's own, Tim Lara, took part in a trip from Tahiti to the Cook islands. We spoke with him in July and he shared his reasons for taking part in the trip.

And its the first of its kind-- a plant cam. It’s the latest high tech effort to save an endangered species-- one of less than 200 left in the islands.