The Conversation: Monday, September 7th 2015

Sep 7, 2015

Sexual Diversity, Gender Identities, and Human Rights in Cuba; Polanui Hiu Community Managed Marine Area; Unite Here, Local 5 Interfaith Housing FairSurf Art

Sexual Diversity, Gender Identities, and Human Rights in Cuba: Dr. Alberto Roque

With diplomatic relations reestablished with Cuba, Americans are learning more of the nuanced details of daily life. Part of the changes include a movement advancing the human rights of sexual diverse people. One of the people responsible for the shifting attitudes is internal medicine specialist, Dr. Alberto Roque. He’s also Assistant professor and Adjunct researcher at the Medical University of Havana, and founder the LGBT group “Humanity for Diversity” based at the National Center for Sex Education, in Havana. Dr. Roque is visiting Honolulu this week to speak with the LGBT community.

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Polanui Hiu Community Managed Marine Area: Ekolu Lindsey

There’s a vast ocean out there, but its resources are not infinite. Coastal ecosystems throughout the world have felt the disastrous impact of overfishing and general overuse, and there’s a movement in Maui to bring about community control of ocean resources. Ekolu Lindsey is asking concerned kama’aina to work with him to promote pono fishing practices and fish population recovery.

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Unite Here, Local 5: Eric Gill

Hawaii's relationships with labor unions has been entering a new chapter in recent years.  The Unite Here! Local 5 AiKea movement has sought to energize political involvement among its members in a variety of issues. Later today, the group is sponsoring an Interfaith Housing Fair to engage organizations and community leaders around the issues of affordable housing.  Unite Here Financial Secretary Treasurer Eric Gill joined the show with more details.

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Surf Art: Heather Brown

Outer Reef by Heather Brown
Credit Heather Brown

The ocean has never been far away for surf artist Heather Brown. She worked as a boat captain and a dive master to put herself through her Bachelor of Fine Arts program at The University of Hawai’i, and her work to this day reflects an open-air, sunlit perspective. She prefers media that many others overlook -- media she refers to as “lost arts” -- and she joined the show via phone to tell us more about them. Heather Brown will be at the Honolulu Zoo for an event called Keiki in the Kitchen: Food, Fitness & Fun on September 12th.

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