The Conversation: Friday, May 11th, 2018

East Rift Zone Update; Science Behind Volcanoes; Point in Time Count; MVT’s production of Shear Madness

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East Rift Zone Update

Credit US Geological Survey

HPR General Assignment reporter Ku’uwehi Hiraishi has been monitoring the latest news from the Pahoa area, and she’s with us in on the phone today.   

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Science Behind Volcanoes

Credit US Geological Survey

Wes Thelen is a geophysicist who has worked at Volcano Observatory. He is currently in Vancouver but is involved in analyzing the data being gathered. He talked with us this morning about the science behind the predicted activity at the summit and at the lower rift zone.

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Point in Time Count

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In Hawaii, the Point In Time count showed a 9% decrease in homeless statewide, with similar decreases in many neighborhoods. James Koshiba is a researcher and consultant who works with homeless issues and he says that the Point In Time Count isn't telling the whole story.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

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A Kauai dispensary plans to open soon, but Big Island dispensaries have yet to start growing their first crop. That is the subject of our reality check from our partners at Honolulu Civil Beat.

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MVT’s production of Shear Madness

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Much of the humor in Manoa Valley Theater’s Sheer Madness revolves around topical references to current events. It keeps every audience laughing as they try to outwit the suspects and catch the killer. New clues and up to the minute improvisation deliver a different show every night. The regular run of the show is through May 20th with new shows added Thursday, May 24, 7:30pm, Friday, May 25, 8pm, Saturday, May 26, 8pm, Sunday, May 27, 4pm

Director Miles Phillips (in olive shorts) observes cast photo shoot.
Credit Manoa Valley Theatre

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