Classical Pacific, June 21, 2018: Music of Germany

  It's the fifth day of programs focusing on one country. So far I've played music from England, Italy, Spain and France, and today is for Germany. You'll hear some of the most renowned German composers, but I'm focusing more on what some would call the second tier of composers. I'm playing the work in somewhat chronological order, although that is not a statement that the newer work is "better".  Today, works will be chosen from the following composers - Hildegard von Bingen, Michael Praetorius, Georg Phillip Telemann, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn, Louis Spohr, Carl Maria von Weber, Richard Strauss, Paul Hindemith, Kurt Weill, and Hans Zimmer. Obviously, I couldn't play all of these composers in one day without turning this program into a music history class, and I prefer to let you hear what the composer had in mind by playing complete works as often as possible. Enjoy!

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Set List: