Campaign Spending; Hawaiian Hymns; Climate Change Bill; Wild About Reading

Mar 13, 2014

It’s Thursday, March 13th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Campaign Spending Bills: Gary Kam

Success can often mean the meeting of opportunity and timing. In election terms, success could soon mean compliance with changes in reporting of campaign  finances and the payment of any fines levied by the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission. Several bills from the Commission’s legislative package are still on the move and will be heard tomorrow. In advance of that, Gary Kam, the General Counsel for the Commission gave us an update.

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Hawaiian Hymns workshop on Kauai: Ken Makuakane 

Still looking at the impact of religion in Hawaii, this next conversation considers one of the richest offshoots of Hawaiian music – Na Himeni; hymns that were created, or adapted, in the Hawaiian language.  It’s a tradition rich in history, and Ken Makuakane, multiple Hoku-winning musician, is offering a workshop and a concert of hymns this weekend on Kauai.  He’s with us this morning.

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Climate Change Bill, HB1714: Richard Wallsgrove

It was on the Governor’s state of the state wish list  and part of the joint majority package... now bills are still moving in the Legislature to give us a good look at what climate change could do to our state. Next week there will be a public hearing on HB 1714. It would create an interagency climate adaptation committee to assess the risks, impact, and economic consequences of climate change for Hawaii. Richard Wallsgrove is the Program Director for the Blue Planet Foundation and he shared his thoughts on the matter.

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Wild About Reading Event: Sue Cowing

Here’s an activity we often hear is worth pouring some energy into: reading to kids, and encouraging families to read aloud.   So many writers and people who love words were lucky enough to have someone read to them when they were small, and they’ll be giving some of that energy back this Saturday at the Honolulu Zoo. That’s when local authors and storytellers will be stationed throughout the grounds reading aloud from zoo-themed books.  Sue Cowing is one of the local authors who are looking forward to the event, and she’s on the phone with us this morning.

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