Nick Yee

Host, Bridging the Gap

Nick Yee’s passion for music developed at an early age, as he collected jazz and rock records pulled from dusty locations while growing up in both southern California and Honolulu.  In college he started DJ-ing around town, playing long acid jazz and bossa nova sets at various lounges under the name dj mr.nick.  He started to incorporate down tempo and electronic music into his sets as his popularity grew, eventually getting DJ residences at different Chinatown locations. To this day, he is a fixture in the Honolulu underground club scene, where his live sets are famous for being able to link musical and cultural boundaries, starting mellow and building the audience into a frenzy.

In addition to his club life, Nicholas has spent the last 7 years as a DJ for UH Mānoa’s KTUH, running one of its most popular radio shows The Jet Set. He has also served at KTUH in various capacities, including manager and educator.

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Tonight's session of Bridging the Gap is going to be random... VERY RANDOM, pinballing back and forth between styles and genres, as we re-listen to this show from last August.

Paige Okumura better known as DJ Mermaid from KTUH will be guest hosting Bridging the Gap for a few nights over the next two weeks.

Set List: 

Sliding into the weekend with an assortment of latin grooves to get your hips swinging.

Keeping the sound (mostly) mellow and Jazzy for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap, as we replay this classic show.  

Taking a dip into the cool waters of Acid Jazz this evening on Bridging the Gap, with an encore of this show from last August.  

Tamir Sher
Tamir Sher

Switching back and forth between CDs and 45's tonight on Bridging the Gap.  Musically going all over the place, but keeping it fun and light all night.

Weaving together a collection of mellow, dreamy, late night music for this Thursday evening.

Angela Buron
Angela Buron

Mixing together an eclectic blend of Acid Jazz, Downtempo, soundtrack music, Boogaloo and Indian Classical Music for tonight's show.

Tonight’s theme: Music To Dance Around Your House Naked To.

Yes you read that correctly.  Actually this setlist has been in the works for a while as I’m putting it together for a DJ mix to go into the last Pledge Drive premium.  Either way, it’s going to be a fun, eclectic bunch of songs to entice you to go nude.

Breaking into the week with a lot of new music.  Expect the new singles from Dirty Projectors (called Break-Thru), new music from Kamasi Washington, Neko Case, Thievery Corporation, Childish Gambino and more.

I'm rolling out a lot of Beastie Boys this evening, as we lost MCA 4 years ago today.  Also mixing in a lot of Boogaloo, Ska and Soul.  It's gonna be a fun evening.

Mixing up the sound this evening for Bridging the Gap, no theme, no pre-planned setlist...just picking songs on the fly.  Pure DJing.

Since it's a little rainy out... I'm filling the late night air with fluffy warms sounds to tuck you in with. I'm also going to be mixing a few new songs, and some vintage psychedelica.


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii... it's also International Workers Day! So for for tonight's show I'm playing a mixture of songs for workers, mixed into a few vintage Hawaiian gems.

This is the May 2018 Bridging the Gap audio archive. This page is for HPR staff reference only!

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May 30th, 2018 

Since it's the last day of April, I'm taking the opportunity to weave together a set of April inspired songs, mixed with a few springtime tunes, mixed with some new releases.

This show is starting with an oddball suggestion from our own Charles Husson... and I'm going to find my way out of the musical woods from there.  It's like the Boy Scouts survival camp all over again. 


A quick look into DJ song selection. 

It's national Wu Tang day...
So I thought about playing the El Michels Affair cover of C.R.E.A.M...
Which made me think about playing Prince Fatty's cover of ODB's "Shimmy Ya" which reminded me of playing the new Holly Cook (since they previously collaborated)... 

Which puts me in the mood to play more reggae, which would naturally lead to Ska... 

Which could lead to some sort of reverb rich surf rock, which could lead to some new Jimi Hendrix. 

A little new, and a little old, and a little off vinyl make up the music for tonight mixed bag of sound on Bridging the Gap.  Expect new music from Lord Huron, Thievery Corporation and the California Honeydrippers. 


This evening I'm weaving music in and out of a variety of electronic cumbia with new music from Chancha Via Circuito and Malphino. 


Working out a show filled with various musical textures, mostly instrumental... but occasionally peppered with a few vocals. 


Celebrating this April 20th with a stoney selection of songs, and very excited to be dropping some new Thievery Corporation from their new album Treasures from the Temple which is out today.



Since it's been a rainy day, I'm keeping the music mellow and cool, with a few drops of liquid drum and bass.


Filling the night air this evening with the sound of new Jazz releases (and a few favorites).


So tonight's show will be my 1st show back on track, without a pledge drive or guests... and I'm filling it up with new music and a few new favorites.  Thank you again to Carlos Niño for stopping and guest DJing last night.


First regular show back after the Pledge Drive and I'm kicking it off with something a little different...and turning the controls over to composer/DJ/musician Carlos Niño




Whew! The Spring 2018 Pledge Drive is a wrap...sort of. Suspended with $21k to go because of the Syrian strike.  If you want to still donate to HPR you can still do so on our website, and if you want the Bridging gifts, please say so in the comment section.

Thank you so much for your generous donations to keep this station afloat.  Thank you to the sustaining members who have brought us to this level... and thank you and welcome to all the new members who signed up this drive. We are nothing without you... literally.  

Day 9 of HPR's Spring 2018 Pledge Drive, and we're rusing towards the end! It's also the last chance to pick up any of the special gifts offered for my show. 
The music over the next couple of nights is going to be a collection of favorite songs pulled from the last 6 months, with a few favorites mixed in here and there.... and everything played is going onto the bonus "Bag-O-Swag".

Day 8 of HPR's Spring 2018 Pledge Drive, and we're rusing towards the end! If you're. a big fan of this show, and not a member off HPR, please consider becoming a sustaining member of HPR.
The music over the next couple of nights is going to be a collection of favorite songs pulled from the last 6 months, with a few favorites mixed in here and there.... and everything played is going onto the bonus "Bag-O-Swag".

  Day 3 of HPR's Spring 2018 Pledge Drive, and it's party time after Latin Beat! The music over the next couple of nights is going to be a collection of favorite songs pulled from the last 6 months... with a heavy lean on electronic latin.... and everything played is going onto the bonus "Bag-O-Swag".